Birmingham Loft Company Fined




This could quite easily read, London Loft Company, Bristol Loft Company or any other city, town or village, in the UK


If you have read my  “Loft Conversion How To” page then you know I don’t recommend doing a loft yourself, or getting a loft conversion done on the cheap,, the only thing that will get “done” is you !!

Also I have on that page, I have a small loft conversion guide about the 9 steps you need to take en-sure you get the loft conversion you have dreamed about.

Here’s why you should download that guide and read it ! this could quite easily happen to you !!

Take the time to read this short article, from Robert Liebman of the independent, it’s a few years old but the moral is a relavent today as it was then !!  Dangers of cheap loft conversions shouldn’t take more than 2 minuets of your time, but could save you a fortune !

You can also download my free loft conversion guide here just click the top image in side bar

in the right hand margin —————————>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>   enjoy !

If after reading my guide you find you still have a question, then go to my help desk, and ask. Don’t end up like those home owners with a Birmingham loft conversion that just isn’t fit for purpose.


Loft Conversion Company

Loft Conversion Before & After


Hope this helps.







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