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This is Mike here, and I just felt that I should let you know why I am in a position to talk to you about how you should approach getting your loft done.

I’ve been in the construction industry all my working life [so far :)] and that’s 40 years plus, with the last 30 years running my own small successful building business, which was based in the home improvement sector, building loft conversions and home extensions.

Yeah I’m old!! But with age comes experience and knowledge. Experience is just about making mistakes, but learning from them until suddenly one day, as if by magic you don’t make them any more.

So I’m inviting you to take advantage of all my years of experience and use them to help you to get the best possible loft conversion.

Running my own business over the years has been extremely rewarding with an immense sense of job satisfaction that few people excel to.

I guess this came about from being a hands on, down in the trenches type of a person, which also developed a no nonsense approach to “getting the job done” to a very high standard, using the very best materials and keeping myself and the guys educated with the latest construction developments and technologies.

Recently I was forced to retire early due to a work related injury.

So I decided that I wouldn’t let all my years of knowledge and experience go to waste, and UK Loft Conversion was born.

So if you are looking for the very best impartial information and advice about how to plan and execute your loft conversion then I invite you to take a look around my site.

If you are really serious about your loft conversion, and are looking in your area for a builder or a specialist loft conversion company to carry out your work, but not quite sure what the next step is, please feel free to go to my dedicated UK Loft Conversion Help Desk and send me your question.

I’ll only be too glad to respond, but please allow 24 to 48 hours for me to reply, because I actually do man the desk myself.

Finally, thanks for taking the time to visit my site, and I hope you find the advice and information helpful in the successful completion of you loft conversion project.

Best Mike.

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