Cost of a Loft Conversion

The cost of a loft conversion is determined by the design and construction

Good design and planning can keep the cost of your loft conversion down;

Designing your loft in conjunction with a good architect, builder or Specialist Company has a direct affect on the cost of converting a loft

The video above shows the most cost effective style of a loft conversion, using just roof windows most commonly known as Velux ™, without loosing any practical usage.

“The above method of converting a loft is the easiest and most effective way to manage the cost of a loft conversion due to the following two reasons;”

  1. In most instances there isn’t the need for a planning application due to the fact that the original roof line isn’t being built beyond.
  2. The use of Velux ™ roof lights is vastly cost effective compared to having to build on a dormer window.

As you will see this stunningly simple loft makes the most of the space available with the use of Velux ™ roof lights. Notice the use of the Velux™ over the stairs, and two banked together in the bedrooms.

Loft Conversion Cost

Loft Conversion Cost

Allow for your professional fees in the cost of a loft conversion;

If not allowed for in the loft ideas and planning stage, they can hold a nasty shock. Many home owners forget to allow for their professional fees in the cost of a loft conversion. Although this hidden cost can’t be avoided, and the reason is that, all loft conversions need Building Regulation Approval, from your Local Authority, and the associated fee that comes with that approval, plus the fee for the stage inspections, carried out by Building Control.

But it can be kept to a minimum by using the design techniques as used in the video above, which for most home owners Planning Approval won’t be required.

The fact that the planning laws changed in 2008 has saved an estimated 80,000 home owners the cost of submitting a planning application and effectively cutting dramatically the cost of a loft conversion, by about £1000.


UK Loft Conversion Costs

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