For every UK home owner that is considering a loft conversion this year then I bet this question has been raised more than a few times, “what is the cost of converting a loft” ? and is be upper most thought in their minds.

The series of videos below takes a brief look at what you should consider when planning your loft conversion and the subsequent costing that arises from you final loft design. Also we take a look at what you want to achieve from it, in the terms of usage.


Cost of Converting A Loft Part 1

In the early stages of when you decided you needed more space and in particular a loft conversion the thought of the cost of converting your loft being related to the design possibly didn’t enter your thoughts.

So I thought it would be useful if I put together a few short videos just to galvanise you into action, and encourage you to jot down your thoughts on paper


Cost of Converting A Loft Part 2

Cost of Converting A Loft Part 3

As you are no doubt seeing your loft is so versatile you literally have a blank canvas, and it’s quite easy to run away with your wallet. So sitting down and planning through, first of all your basic needs, get a costing worked out for that, and then start to bolt on the extras.


Cost of Converting A Loft Part 4

Cost of Converting A Loft Part 5

Lastly if you find yourself in a position of not being able to afford all the completed work, because your estimated cost of a loft conversion is to high; Here’s a great tip;

You want an en-site but feel you cant afford it, then just get the structure built and make sure you have the plumbing installed,  as  you can always add the fixtures and fittings at a later date, hope that helps.



Cost Of Converting A  Loft Video Series 2


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