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Loft conversions are a great way to increase the living space of your family home; especially if ground area around you home is tight for a traditional brick built extension. A loft conversion is also a guaranteed way of adding a good return on the investment cost of converting your loft. With the added benefit of utilizing unused space in the attic into a useful loft room such as an; office, bedroom, bathroom, or even an extra bedroom en-suite, and with the easing of planning permisson for a loft, who woudn’t want one?


Build a loft conversion to get the maximum results in a limited space with the correct design and build; it’s possible to fit quite a lot into a UK loft conversion, but first you need take time to gather your personal loft ideas, then  consider what loft company you will invite to carry out your work. Here are some loft conversion how to, “Do’s and Dont’s” to consider;

  • Do choose a contractor that will offer a guarantee
  • Do choose a contractor that has previous referrals?
  • Do take the time to talk too these referrals don’t just take his word or read a referral from a web page.
  • Do always remember word of mouth referrals “are the best
  • Do work with a loft conversion specialist that will listen to your design and build ideas, after all it is YOUR conversion!
  • Don’t get a gazillion quotes you will just get confused [optimum 3 ]
  • Don’t just take the cheapest quote, you “will regret it


What is the real cost of a loft conversion? Answer; not having the right loft specialist to carry out your plans; Some people may argue that the cost of a loft conversion as in,, £££,, is the driving factor behind making a decision as to which contractor to choose, I totally disagree. There is another hidden cost involved here, not a monetary one, but an emotional one,, peace of mind, satisfaction knowing the job is done right, call it what you will.

There’s a saying that goes like this “you get what you pay for” and it coudn’t be more true, than in construction work,  as there are so many ways for a less than scrupulous builder to skimp and make short cuts. You need to make sure your loft conversion is aesthetically pleasing and functions as you wanted it to.

But above all, you want the peace of mind to know that your nominated loft converters actually knows how to convert a loft,  that it is structurally sound, and all regulations are in place. That is why I believe that the choice of a contractor should be based on the above criteria, and not what the cost of a loft conversion is, based just on pounds and pence alone.


If you are planning a loft conversion; Do you have an idea of how much space you have in your loft? Lets take for example a terrace house. There are tens of thousands of terrace houses in many major towns and cities across the UK typical style being synonymous with a London stock brick terraced house.

In a situation such as this with a limited amount of ground floor space a loft conversion in London, or any town or City for that matter, is a very attractive and real alternative to a traditional ground floor extension, and here are some reasons why:

  1.  Allows you to extend even if you don’t have a garden
  2. In most cases there is no need for planning permission
  3. Doesn’t impact on your garden, {if you have one}
  4. The most available single biggest area in your home
  5. Exceptional return on investment
  6. Cheaper than moving
  7. Generally quicker to complete than a brick built extension

A typical UK home, whether terraced or a semi detached, on average weighs in at around 20 / 25m2 floor area of loft space, and it’s very easy to over look the potential of your loft {through all the clutter that’s in there},  as a stylish new living area for you and your family.

Here’s another fact that you probably wasn’t aware of;

Nationwide Building Society recently stated that adding a bedroom and a bathroom through an extension or loft conversion can add up to 23% to a property’s value, based on 30m2 loft floor area.

So view a loft conversion more as money invested rather than dead money on jusr another home improvement.


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