How To Convert A Loft

How To Convert A Loft | The Right Way

Converting a loft requires a high skill level, after all, the most important structure of your home is being altered, that being the roof over your head, please don’t take this lightly.”



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Of course I’m only refering to the above page title from an informational point of view. I’m not suggesting that you attempt to convert your own loft, on the contrary I totally advise against it.

Whilst this site, and this page in particular is providing information on how to do a loft conversion, I would like to say at this point that if you are looking for training or information about how to do a loft conversion yourself, then I’m afraid this isn’t the site you are looking for, sorry !

I take construction seriously, and in particular loft converting, I don’t endorse DIY attempts on something as structurally involved as a loft conversion.

From a home owners view point taking the time to research the topic, How to do a Loft Conversion, is in my opinion an important part of the planning stages of the loft conversion process.The reson is that you will understand what is required from you as the client, and what service you can expect from the loft companies.

How To Convert A Loft-Video;

I found this video that does a great job of showing what’s really involved in the “How To of Loft Converting”.

When you’ve watched it read my closing pharagraph.


Understanding basic Loft Conversion How To is important and the difference between being a client & loft conversion specialist

So why am I banging on about how to do a loft conversion, then turn around and tell you “I strongly disagree with do it yourself.”

As a loft conversion specialist or a builder we need to know how a loft goes together structurally, and the high level of skill required, but as a home owner you only need to know the steps, or the “how to” of converting your loft.

I do believe that you should educate yourself with the steps & processes needed in the construction of a loft conversion in the UK,  and take on board your responsibility in understanding the overall process.

If only because this will make it easier for you to communicate with your builder or loft specialist as the work progresses,  easing the work flow, and also bringing the job in on time and budget.



How To Do A Loft Conversion

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