“Is your family growing? Or do you just need more space? why not move up in the world !!”

“Discover your loft”

How To Do A Loft Conversion


Now you’ve made the decision “to do a loft conversion” make sure you do it the right way, and employ a professional loft converter.

Quite a lot of home owners don’t consider their loft space as aviable area to extend into or just plain shy away from it, pheraps hearing that it is to expensive or difficult. Granted there are some areas to consider before a loft conversion can happen. So that’s why we are here to help you decide if converting your loft is for you, because the basics of how to do a loft conversion aren’t so hard to grasp.

Loft Conversion Before

Loft Conversion Before.

Just to get your creative jucies going here’s a before inside of a grubby ole’ loft space,


Loft Conversion Before & After

Loft Conversion After

This may look familiar ? you’ve probably got one like this, just harbouring rubbish dust and dirt, where with a little thought and commitement you could have something like this




A stunning en-suite bathroom, so how do you get from a grubby loft to a quality bathroom en-suite.  Well you may want to start by downloading my free guide found in the right hand side bar, and explore this site for more information, start by watching the loft conversion how to videos on the next page



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