trussed-roofIf you are considering adding a loft conversion to your home this year, but have a trussed roof construction, and maybe heard it’s difficult to convert a trussed roof, then I have some good news for you.

You may not be aware of a fantastic flooring system custom designed by Digby Rowsell, for use in a loft conversion in a trussed roof, which after installed allows for easey removal of the “W” braces and any wind bracing that need removing

This system is constructed from a lightweight aluminum, and it’s telescopic design allows for ease of installation.

This type of loft floor system has started to gain a lot of popularity over the last few month, and is certainly worth considering if your roof is of a truss construction.



If you want to understand more about this innovated floor design I found this report in the Yorkshire Post, you can read more here..


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