Loft Conversion In North London

So if you’ve decided to move ahead and investigate the probability of converting your loft space then the next step should be to take the time and plan it out.

A Loft Conversion In London is an extremely complicated task and needs to be planned out correctly, and should only be carried out by professionals.

But the good news is there is plenty of help at hand, and hopefully this page will go some way to helping you out.

You don’t need me to tell you that the cost of moving can run into “stupid amounts of money” and that is why you have decided to put that wasted money into your dream loft conversion.

So let’s start.

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Loft conversions in the UK as you know, do need to comply with certain regulations, of which we will cover some of them here.

But first to save you money by NOT having to call in the professional’s straight away to give you a costly feasibility study. You can do this yourself, it’s easy, just get inside your loft space and measure the height from your ceiling joist to the top of the roof apex, this needs to be ideally no less than 2.1 m.

If you have this headroom the you are good to go and proceed with getting your proposed loft conversion fully surveyed. This full survey will determine whether or not you need planning consent, again this will largely depend on what your personal loft conversion ideas are. There is one other important legal point you should be aware of and that is something called the party wall act, and this is generally [but not always] required for semi detached and terraced properties

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