Local Council Starts Loft Conversion Program


I’m sure I heard, earlier this year, something similar talked about, Birmingham Loft Conversions, and Loft Conversions in the West Midlands area in general, being a viable cost effective option to easing overcrowding for tenants, in Council owned properties.

Well it seems that York Council have beaten them to it !!

A £1 MILLION loft conversion project to tackle overcrowding in York council houses is giving its first tenant more room for manoeuvre.

The scheme was approved by city leaders earlier this year to help families who need extra space without them needing to move home.

It also aims to provide more work for York’s construction firms and ease pressure on City of York Council’s housing supply.

It is paid for through reinvesting council tenants’ rent payments, as Mark Stead from “The Press” reports.

In my opinion this is a fantastic initiative by a Local Council, not only for the tenants, but for providing work, for hard pressed local loft conversion companies. A real win win situation

You can read the full report here

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