Don’t be put of if think you have a small loft space there are plenty of ideas

Small Loft Conversion Ideas

One of the biggest questions I get asked is how much does a small loft conversion cost? Loft IdeasWell first of all what is your idea of a small loft conversion?

Lets analyse this a little from a practical point.

“You see I’m convinced that most home owners should ask the question,  “how much does the average loft conversion cost”,  because that’s what most people have, is an average sized loft, which is around 5m x 6m or 15 foot x 18 foot.”

Also another common question asked about “a small loft conversion” is how much does it cost if some work has already been done. I answered this persons question last week on Yahoo Answers.

Here it is below; excuse the typos !

Hi Bev, When you are dealing with a situation such as yours it may well be as well to asume the worst (not nice I know) as there is a lot of very important structural work involved in the floor, even if you just want a roof window (velux) and no dormer. Add to the mix sound and insulation work, not to mention fire regulations, all of which you need “Building Regulations” for and as “boy boy” said this has to be payed for, but you will be legal, which is important for any future sale of the property.So cost: It does depend on your location in the UK, but if you work on the fact that most of the work that exists is scraped (sorry) the cost can range from £12,000 to £30,000.My best advice is to get a reputable national company to carry out a complete survey for you, which will mean lifting your flooring of course, but it will be worth it longer term. If you need more information on the best steps to take there’s a free report here, or contact the help deskYou say you live in a Terraced house so you will also need a party wall agreement, a surveyor will do this (of course a cost involved) This may seem like a lot of work and expense, but a (LEGAL) loft conversion is the number one home improvement to add real value, the major building societies report as much as 23% can be added to your homes value.
Hope this has helped, please don’t go down the road of cutting corners with this, it is and always will be false economy. One last point, last week in Nottingham there was a fire in an (ILEGAL) loft conversion and the fire fighters coudln’t gain access to deal with it, fortunately no one was injured. Would you be prepared to put your family at risk?
___ end of answer___

Here’s the link to the question if you want to see it “How much does a small loft conversion cost?” .

The conclusion to draw from these questions is, it’s so important to take the time with your plans and loft ideas, get them down on paper, then discuss them with a professional, so you can make any alterations and additions.
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