You most likely know the value of converting your wasted loft space because you are now just researching what the cost of a loft conversion is going to be.

My definition of the cost of converting your loft is going to be, is maybe from a slightly different angle than yours, and is based on not just the monetery value, but more on what the overall value to you and your family will be.

Below I have a video about loft conversion costs, but as you watch please be aware that your loft conversion ideas are tightly related to your loft conversion cost.

By that I mean a single bedroom loft conversion, with say a couple of roof windows is going to cost a lot less than the price of a bedroom en-suite dormer conversion.


Let’s just take the average figure of £30,000, I see that figure as first of all an investement in your home, Cost Of A loft Conversionbut also an investement in your family too. As that extra living space is created, the overall well being of the family increases, due to having more space to live in.

I hope that makes sence, and that you see there are other factors to take into account, besides just monetry when considering the cost of a loft conversion.







Cost of Converting A Loft Video Series 1

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