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A UK loft conversion is a great addition to any home in the UK they can be found in any region,  town or UK Loft Conversion city across the country, from…a loft conversion in Dorset and Devon in the south west, across to Bristol in Gloucestershire, to a loft conversion in London and Surry in the south, to Essex in the east, up to Oxford, and the Midlands in the central regions right through to a loft conversion in Nottingham, Manchester, Yorkshire and onto the Scottish borders.


The common thread through all these regions is that a UK Loft Conversion falls under the same national Building and Planning Regulations, with only slight changes from council to council. As a result we have a uniformed system to work to,  enabling loft conversion companies and potentiasl clients alike to have common base to work from, when quoting for a loft conversion.

Of course there will be regional changes in costs and prices, this is only natural, but by enlarge this is a big plus for a loft conversion.


Just to dispel some misinformation!!


A Loft Conversion can be accommodated in most UK roof spaces.

Yes even a truss roof can be converted, and it’s surprising how many UK home owners are missing out on the opportunity above their heads.

Even those that do realise the opportunity, many have a belief that loft conversions are expensive and difficult to build.


Yet the reality is, a Loft Conversion is one of the most popular home improvements in the country. The reason is simple; converting your loft into a usable loft room is fantastic value for money.

So if it’s extra living space you are looking for then no matter where you live in the UK you can benefit.

With the relaxation of the planning laws in 2008 it has become even easier than ever for home owners to add that extra room in the attic. Besides already being a cost effective way of adding that extra room in the loft, the change in the planning laws has saved an estimated £1000, on some loft conversion costs.

In fact a recent report from some of the leading Building Societies states that adding an extra loft bedroom can boost a properties value, compared to other home improvements.


To guarantee a quality loft conversion use a professional loft conversion company!


A quality loft conversion specialist works to a tried and tested step by step procedure, of installing steel beams, to carry the new floor, constructing any new dormer windows, fitting stairs and installing the required insulation to make sure your new attic conversion is usable both in summer and winter, and working closely within the loft conversion regulations, the before and after effects of a converted loft are outstanding.

Loft Conversion

Loft Conversion Before.

So if you are still uncertain, and have a question that you feel you need

Loft Conversion

Loft Conversion After

answering about converting your loft then connect with me and get it answered the help desk is over in the right hand side bar.






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