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Types of Loft Conversions We Specialise In

Dormer Window Conversion

A dormer window is added to a loft conversion where the need for extra headroom and usable floor space are required. Because the dormer window breaks the existing roof line Planning consent is required as well as Building Regulations. Of course the addition of a dormer will add extra cost to the project, but well worth the extra investment, to gain that extra space,  natural light and ventilation, not to mention the aesthetic look of a well designed dormer window to the roof line.

Velux Roof Lites

A loft conversion that only has Velux roof lights set into the roof is the most economical, and least invasive of the types of conversion, hence they are the  most popular. A big added advantage of a Velux conversion is that, there isn’t the need for a planning application. But bear in mind this type of conversion does have it’s limitations, and you may want to consider going the whole hog and constructing a dormer loft conversion. 

Hip To Gable Conversion

A hip to gable conversion is required when a property has a hipped end to the roof. This is done to accommodate the need for extra floor space, and to house the new staircase to access the loft conversion. The end wall is raised up to either form a gable end to the roof or a dormer window can be constructed. This would of course add to the overhaul cost of the project, but bear in mind this style will need planning consent and Building Regulations.

Bay Dormer Conversions

A bay dormer is required when the main roof has a hipped end, and the need is for headroom and space to install the new staircase. This is generally achieved by constructing a dormer window over the new stair position, creating natural light and ventilation, with out the cost to build up the brick walls, of course be aware that this will add a cost to the project, also be aware that Planning Consent along with Building Regulations are required.

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